Radar detectors and the need for speed

In the world of radar laser detectors, you can choose from three designs. You can choose remote mount, corded or cordless detectors. Each will provide a level of protection, but it is really up to you to avoid a speeding ticket.

radar detectorRegardless of which one you choose, you should buy only the best radar detector for your need. Although each one has similar designs to do the same thing, alert you of any radar laser signals coming your way.

A remote-mount detector is designed to be installed and out of the way. All of these types of radar detectors will require installation. A little more work in the beginning, but they offer a great defense.

The radar/laser sensors need to be mounted on the front or both the front and rear area of the vehicle. This will give you three hundred and sixty degrees of protection.

The prices tend to be a little higher and because they do require installation, you may not find as many of these in cars today. These are definitely the coolest of them all.

You may not see many of these, but cordless radar detectors run on their own power supply. Usually, this power supply is batteries. Very few may use solar energy.

Most radar detector makers produce a few of these each year and are harder to find than any other model. In order to save energy, they turn themselves on/off in milliseconds.

The most popular corded detectors are used in millions of vehicles. They are most popular because they are simple to use right out of the packaging. There are many corded detectors available.

Corded detectors are probably the cheapest and most reliable detector on the market today. You can easily move them and use them in different cars.

All types of radar detectors will work very much the same. They are all designed to pick up many types of radar and laser signals from law enforcement’s radar/laser guns.